Tuesday, January 04, 2005

“Caption This Cartoon” Contest - Jan. 2005

“We've been playing 'Strip Dueling Banjos'. And that
darned varmint already won my shoes and socks!"”

January 2005 Winner!

CONGRATULATIONS to our first Cartoon Blog winner, A. Biggs, who wrote the above caption for our Jan. 2005 cartoon.

A. Biggs, please send your mailing address to meskimen@appliedsilliness.com so that we can send you your swell prize and certificate. And you can feel free to enter and win again; there is no restriction on excellence.

As you can see from the above, we favor silliness and brevity. The "Honorable Mensches" were:

“The deer and the antelope ain't got nuthin' on this guy!”
From SilverRider

“The bad news, Boudreaux, is that we gotta keep the 'banjo player wanted' ad running. The good news is that if you hush off and get my Remington, we can eat like rock stars.”
From Knalty

“Make that three beers, and get Letterman on the phone.”
From Anonymous

All captions become the property of Meskimen Applied Silliness, Inc.

Thank you everyone for playing!

Welcome to our new Caption This Cartoon Blog!

For years, Jim & Tamra Meskimen have run this contest for their friends, and over the years it has attracted an international audience of clever people. What was once a monthly snail-mailing of a photocopied cartoon has evolved into the high tech, full color, global version of the game you see now.

The original purpose of this game is to give people who aren't ordinarily asked to, a chance to write a gag. It's good for you to create.

We invite you to create captions for our cartoons which will be published on this Blog for all the world to see, and will make you eligible for the coveted Meskimen Cartoon Contest Certificate and a swell prize picked out just for you! We will announce the winners, so please leave your name along with your captions.

You may submit as many captions as you like. Tell your friends! This is a family oriented blog, so no profanity, please.
Have fun! And don't think too much!

All captions become the property of Meskimen Applied Silliness, Inc.