Friday, March 04, 2005

“Caption This Cartoon” Contest - Mar. 2005

“Not fair! You didn't do that to me!!...and I even went to the trouble of putting on my WMD costume!!!”

March 2005 Winner!

Congratulations to mcdeez who supplied the winning caption above.

Well done! mcdeez,
please send your mailing address to
so that we can send you your swell prize and certificate! And you can feel free to enter and win again; there is no restriction on excellence.

There were many great captions posted for March's cartoon, and it was a challenging one; was that a bomb, a turnip, a guy holding his breath too long..? Here are the Honorable Mensches:

DanJab said...
“Didn't I tell you not to wear that belt?”

anewguy said...
”Wait a minute, you're the fifth guy to search her...isn't anybody going to search me?”

Anonymous said...
“Another typical day at Hunter S. Thompson International Airport.”

(I don't know what this means, I just thought it was funny.)

And, for best short essay:

“All fruits or vegetables must be declared orally or in writing on the agriculture declaration form to the Customs & Quarantine Officer, but Mrs. Turniphead failed to declare her husband, a fashion consultant, who took offense at the poor posture of the attending officer. It may be illegal to smuggle vegetables across the border disguised as one's husband, but there is never an excuse for stooping.” - Elizabeth Cherry

Good job everybody!