Thursday, April 14, 2005

“Caption This Cartoon“ Contest - April 2005

“All I said was, I thought the water tasted of a little chlorine,
and the next thing you know, HE shows up.”

April 2005 Winner

Andrew Donaldson is the winning author of the caption above!
Congratulations, Andrew!
You will receive a special prize picked out just for you!
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“26,714 days without a work-related accident. It's not just luck, my friend.”
Craig Jensen

“Just play along. He's convinced Rhonda in accounting that tomorrow is bikini day.”
Brent K.Shepard

“Well, it's sure cut down on the horseplay around here.”
David Long

“The people who brought him in are the people in charge of our pension plan.”
Ed Salden

“It's his subtle way of letting the boss know that the ceiling in his office is leaking again.”
Gentilly Jr.

Well done to everybody who played!
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